I went to an "Adopt Out Day" in Brisbane, where over 500 animals get adopted through over 20 rescues. I was just going to have a look, as often one says, however, my heart struck an accord with 1 dog during my visit -Kida. I couldn't stop thinking about her when I got home but figured my chances were over as many animals were adopted that day. Checking online though, I found her still available. How did noone adopt her!? I organised a one on one meeting for that weekend and she was everything I remembered- calm, beautiful, sweet and a little bit shy. I adopted her then and there! She has grown into quite a cheeky, incredibly intelligent and easy to train, slightly stubborn and slightly obsessive but fiercely loyal dog with the sweetest nature. She gets along with other dogs, cats and birds. She loves getting chased in long grass (but not by dogs that are faster than her) and can be very vocal when she wants something. She keeps me fit and is always ready for a snuggle – she is my soul mate and I don't know what I would do without her.

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