The day before my 36th birthday I agreed to do an emergency foster for Jenkins, a 32 kg Bullmastiff X Shar-pei, who was flying to Melbourne the following morning from regional NSW via Brisbane. For the first week or so, he was utterly emotionless. Not only were we charged with giving him a home, but he had chronic ear infections that needed treatment. At first, the sight of the syringe would cause him to bolt away, but over time (and with the help of A LOT of treats) we were able to build trust and manage his ears. Brave boy! We decided to adopt Jenkins after figuring he had poor chances against cuter hipster dogs (who didn’t have chronic health issues). Now, two years later, I couldn’t be more thankful that Jenkins found us. I like to tell him that ‘he gives good company’, the best in fact. You can’t be lonely with Jenkins around. Caring for Jenkins has also felt like caring for myself, particularly through the many months of lockdown, when he demanded love and walks. Although he has a massive head and tiny eyes, we love him the most!

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