After the passing of my beautiful bunny girl Delilah and her little brother Elton I was unsure if I could ever adopt another rabbit again.

After taking time to grieve, I chanced upon The Rabbit Sanctuary and decided to foster: dip my toes back into rabbit parenting. I was scared it would be too much, but I wanted to open my heart again to these beautiful little creatures.

After anxiously waiting, Jack and Judy arrived at my house. They hadn't had the best time at their last foster home and were cautious of me. Jack was a sweet but easily startled and Judy showed her fear through aggression.

For the first few days I just sat with them for hours and slowly but surely they understood that I wasn't there to hurt them. Now Jack doesn't jump everytime he hears a noise and flops comfortably constantly. Judy is the biggest softy and follows you around for pats the second she sees you.

No suprise I adopted them as they have stolen my heart and helped me heal. They have done more for me than I could ever ask for and I feel so privileged to be their mum.

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