I first met Isis as someone who was meant to assist with socializing her after she became ferocious following significant abuse and neglect followed by abandonment in her 1st year of life by her previous adoptive family. I became the only person Isis didn't attack on sight. I had just lost a kitten at the time and wasn't ready for another cat, and I was also about to migrate to Australia in a year's time. Knowing Isis' trauma history, I was very reluctant to adopt her, only to have her become seriously stressed with the migration journey and die. I visited her again the following week and had this conversation with her, asking for a sign from her. She promptly hopped into my lap, started purring and quickly fell asleep. The rest, as they say, is history. 6 years on, we're both happily settled in Australia, and my little baby girl has grown and flourished into a gorgeous and loving girl who doesn't leave my side. I love my Isis to infinity and back. She has been the reason for my courage to do the migration journey on my own, and she has continued to inspire me everyday.

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