Having lost our beloved Tibetan Spaniel Rani, we scoured shelters and websites looking for the next member of our family. Someone that needed us as much as we needed them. Then my Vet nurse suggested PetRescue and there she was. Her name was Cindy and she had the sweetest, saddest eyes and silliest pixie ears we had ever seen. Her story was not so much one of mistreatment but neglect. When she came to us she was terrified of everyone and everything. Three years later, Isabeau as she is now known, fills our lives with joy, tearing up and down the hall, destroying her toys, playing with River the kitten and vacuuming up food scraps for Mummy. All she wants to be be loved and to sit on our laps and have cuddles. She is so much more confident, bravely defending her home from anyone who dares visit and then 5 minutes later wanting to be their new best friend. We are so grateful to Michelle at One at a Time Pet Rescue for the love and care given to Izzy & can’t imagine our lives without her.

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