It all started at 2am one morning in May when my husband and I packed on all the warm layers we could find and packed the thermos ready to line up at Pets Haven to get our new baby! We had been told by the vet nurses that people often arrive very early (doors open at 8am) to adopt, after falling in-love with a photo we new we needed to beat the crowd so we made sure we were arrived at 2:30am! Needless to say we were the first in line, so we waited in the 3degrees until 7:45am and the doors finally opened!!

From that day Bug or Hiccup as he is now known has been part of the family. At only 8 weeks old he was quite timid at first, not too sure where his brothers and sisters were but fast-forward to 13 weeks and he rules the household! We have now graduated from puppy preschool and begin our level one obedience next week!

Hiccup is a beautiful addition to our now family of three. He is growing into a curious and cheeky boy! I highly recommend pet adoption, these little beautiful animals need our help!

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