Harry Potterbun was a 3 month old bunny found horribly malnourished in a cage in a rental property that had been empty for 2 weeks. It was a miracle that he was alive with no food and water, but his bunny friend had unfortunately died. Harry was crazy active from the start despite his past, and we had to work hard to help him gain a healthy weight. He was endlessly curious, jumping over his 1meter pen even as a baby. We had to take precautions we’d never done with any other foster, because he was so quirky and different. It was a learning curve for him and us, and gaining his trust was a challenge. Simple tasks like grooming was tricky because he wouldn’t stay still! But after 3 months, we finally saw the progress. He was finally at a healthy weight and his coat was no longer scraggly. However, his room was just not big enough as he grew, along with his active nature, so we had to arrange for another carer to take over. He continued to blossom under her care, and after almost a year, has finally been adopted and bonded with a bunwife!

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