I adopted Harley the chihuahua in 2018 from SCAR and since then have adopted Cheddar the cat (July 2020) and Lumi the toy poodle (Jan 2022), the latter two being foster fails that I couldn’t bear to part with. It is hard to put into words just how much joy my little rescue family give me. They all have differing but complementary personalities and get along so well. Cheddar comes on walks with me and the dogs, much to the amusement of my neighbours who love seeing the cat bounding alongside the dogs. They all curl up together and I often wake up in the morning to a puddle of pets on my bed. All have had their medical and social challenges due to rough starts in life. Harley struggled with people initially but with time and patience has become a sociable little guy and full of love. Cheddar and Lumi both weren’t expected to live due to their medical conditions, I am so proud of their fight and that I was able to help them become the thriving and healthy animals they are now. I got so lucky having these three end up in my life.

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