I was looking, looking to find the right cat as I can only afford one so it has to be the right one. I saw Harlequin (her adoption name) and I do love black torties but thought she'd be too much, she was obviously starving for affection but I thought she might be too needy and I wanted needy. Anyway I got her home and she was needy but after she settled in I'm now the next one saying come cuddle with mummy, lol. She's so independent which is great but she still wants mum, follows me everywhere and sleeps next to me every night on her heated mat. She has a lilac castle litter tray, 4 cat towers, one is suspension fitted to the roof. You can definitely say she is the queen of her castle and I love her to bits and couldn't have picked a better cat for my house to become a home and it is a home now for sure! The only issue is I think she wants a friend, she loves cat videos and looks behind the TV for the cat and she paws at the window to play with the dog next door.💜

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