George came to us as an unwanted pet left on the streets to fend for himself as a pup. He arrived at our home in Bowral a scared, nervous dog… so scared even of his own shadow! Since his arrival he has transformed into a loving, caring, fun family friend with a heart that would melt as soon as you saw his wanton expression… and those eyes! THOSE EYES! Our son, troubled with occasional bouts of depression, opens up the moment he sees George and George, him, even when visiting, both make an instant bee-line for each other as soon as walking through the door.
The power in George’s beautiful eyes sees comments from everyone outside of the family upon walks when they simply fall in love with him. In the home, he works on you by simply resting his chin on the lounge, peering dolefully up at you – you just HAVE to soften your stance. We won’t be parted from our George for all the tea in China.
At Friends of Fred we were told George would struggle to settle on his own if he didn’t find a loving family – he has found that in spades.

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