We saw a picture of Ernie, the saddest looking Newfoundland in the world, at the Lost Dog’s Home. The Lost Dog’s Home, who took terrific care of him, told us that he was very stressed out and it was hard to tell if he had any basic training. They warned us it would take two people to walk him on the lead, and he might react aggressively to grooming. Ernie seemed to respond OK to my newfy, Theophilus, so we took him home. He is the biggest love bug in the world. He just wants to be where we are. He guards the door when we sleep. Whenever anyone comes over, he meets them with a toy in his mouth as a gift. He is so gentle. And he and my other newfy, Theophilus, are the very best of friends. I can’t imagine a life without Ernie. He brings me happiness every morning when I wake and find him waiting and every night when I go to bed and see him keeping us safe, and more often than I can describe throughout the day. Everyone deserves an Ernie in their life.

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