After returning from a year of exploring eastern yoga and life in India, I knew only one thing after deciding it was time to adopt a cat: she or he must be an older cat that most people would overlook.

Enter an online search of Forever Friends Rescue cats. When I read Emmy's profile, my heart nearly left my chest with love. She was described as timid and special, and my gosh was she exactly that!

Claire, her foster mama, introduced me to her in late 2109 and said another family had turned her down because she was so shy. For an hour I sat next to the couch she cowered behind, until she cautiously crept closer to sniff my hand; within a moment she was purring and my heart felt 12 times bigger.

I officially became her human on the 1/1/2020 and since then, Emmy has opened up like a slow blossoming flower. She was there for me during my work at Mercy Hospital when fatigue overtook me and all I could do was lie in a ball listening to her healing purrs. She is a gift beyond gifts and I am eternally grateful to FFR 💓.

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