Our beautiful Bug was a rescue we had never intended to keep – but so very glad that we did! During the 2020 flooding in Western Sydney, I received a text message from my boss – a raggedy looking cat had climbed out of a drain and into her car, ready to go home with her. A quick trip to the vet revealed that she was a 4ish year old girl with no microchip, collar or owner identification… we agreed that Bug would come home with me until someone contacted us looking for her. Fast forward a year and still no one has come to claim Bug – I can’t say we are too disappointed since she had well and truly made herself a part of our family.
Our Bug is such a loving and vocal cat; she wants nothing more than to be with her people. This week has unfortunately meant a few vet trips for our princess, investigating a bowel issue that we are praying isn’t cancer… although not feeling her best, she manages to charm the vets with every visit.
Despite the vet bills, we are so grateful to have our little drain cat in our lives.

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