I adopted my fur baby, Buddy in November 2018. At the time, I was suffering from severe depression. That day, I decided to meet some dogs at AWL instead of spending the day alone in bed. I had no intention of actually adopting, until I met Buddy. We instantly clicked and I decided there was no way I could leave without him. It was the absolute best decision I have ever made in my whole life. Not only has he brought me out of my shell, but he has taught me responsibility and helped me take pleasure in daily walks and exercise. Even though we cannot verbally communicate with each other, Buddy seems to know exactly when I need cuddles from him most. I like to think I have helped Buddy as well. He was 11 months old when we first met, he was very shy and struggled socialising with other dogs. In just 4 short years, he has fully blossomed and has the courage to approach and play with other dogs at the park. You will never find a sweeter or more loyal friend then a dog. I cannot imagine my life without him now x

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