Owner died,and dogs were take to vet to be put down.Vet said they were to good a dogs to be destroyed so called Ranger.Ranger called Wodonga Animal Rescue.The two beautiful Labs were fat as fat could hardly get a trot up.I said I would help foster them at first and did'nt want 2 dogs as had one already.But they were such beautiful Labs,I decided to adopt them as they were so beautiful and I could not let brother and sister be seperated as one was 10yrs and other 6 yrs old.Now they are slim and trim running on acrerage ,swimming in dams,chasing rabbits.It took a bit of time for Bo to ajust to his new life,he used to sit at our driveway just looking for when his master was coming to pick him up.He now sits looking in our windows waiting for his daily walk down in the paddocks free to run and smell new things.Life is good for my 2 beautiful Labs.If they could talk they would thank the vet for his life saving decission not to end there lives.

Photo: https://rescueawards.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/20180714_172744-scaled.jpg

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