Beemo came into our lives at the most chaotic time, and it was absolutely perfect. We'd just bought a house and could finally adopt a dog, so I rang the pound to enquire about the most gorgeous little terrier. They told us he was scheduled to be euthanised the day after we picked up our keys, and that they couldn't hold him any longer, so we spent the first night in our house with a mattress, a fridge, and a new dog!

He has been a constant source of unconditional love and joy in our house. He lives for people, and will stop at nothing to get more cuddles and tickles. He has an almost constant case of the zoomies, except when he's sound asleep in one of the five beds he can choose from… or the couch. Or our bed. Or the special bed we've put on a chair so he can sit with us while we work.

Truly a terrible guard dog – unless, of course, you dare to walk on the street in front of our house! Then he'll let the whole neighbourhood know about the shady business you're up to.

I adore our doofus dog!

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