Bear was unloved, kept in a 8×10 yard and used as a cigarette extinguisher, possibly a bait dog. He had flyblown ears, weighed 18 kilos and was dragged into the pound like a “second class citizen” the Hawksbury pound remembers. Rescued by Labradog rescue, Amanda paired him with us. It’s been a struggle to gain his trust (especially men) whom he disliked immensely. Life has changed for him but we love him unconditionally and he adores us. Bear now lives in the country but not after having amazing adventures with us over the years. He is now 13 and my shadow, my friend, my protector, my beautiful buddy. Bearsie, Bear, Buddy boy you saved me from mental health and I saved you. I think we saved each other equally. I touch your beautiful soft ears snd all is well. We love you forever and you a are safe with me and Matt.

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