So Angel (staffy) was stuck in a cage with an abnoxious husky. She was curled up in a corner and wasn’t moving so we asked the lady if she was still alive and she said ‘yes she’s just very timid and scared.’ She was the cutest little girl and as the lady went inside to get her (so we can take her for a walk and pat her) she started to wag her tail and roll on her tummy. As we were giving Angel a cuddle the lady explained that she was found near a puppy farm in Logan where she was expected to be abused and over bred. We feel in love her with and took her home. Turns out she didn’t know how to play with a ball and terrified of the ocean/ didn’t know what it was. Now she loves a game of ball and could spend all day running along the beach. She is the happiest/ spoilt princess that loves to cuddle. She truely was an Angel that brightened up our lives!

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