Judging process categories 1 - 6

Over 200 rehoming organisations registered their interest to submit an entry for categories 1 – 6, and 89 organisations located across the nation completed a submission for.the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018.

The judging process for categories 1 – 6 consists of two parts – the judges’ assessment and anonymous judging & spot checks.  The combination of part one and part two will result in the selection of the finalists and winners for 2018.

Part one – Judges’ assessment

Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 Judges categories 1 - 6Each submission by a rehoming organisation is assessed by the panel of judges who each allocate a score out of 100 based on the information supplied by the entrant. An average of the judges’ scores is automatically calculated.

As a result of the scores for each submission and discussion among the judges, the potential finalists for each category are identified ready for part two.

Part two – Anonymous Judging & Spot Checks

The purpose of part two is to validate the information supplied by the entrant and help the judges to confirm the finalists.  The anonymous judging will involve desk research and contacting the rehoming organisation by email or phone.

The spot checks are NOT anonymous, an Awards team member will contact the entrant to ask a few questions that are specific to their individual submission.  The items covered may include the following depending on the category and the individual submission.

  • Charity status
  • Relevant legislation where applicable
  • Online presence such as Facebook page and website
  • Governance
  • Adoption process and customer service
  • Intake and adoption numbers
  • Post-adoption support
  • Animal care
  • Support and training for staff and volunteers
  • Sustainability of the organisation and its staff and volunteers
  • Plus – additional questions that are specific to the individual submission as appropriate.

Following the findings of the anonymous judging & spot checks, a final meeting with the judges will be held in early October to ratify the finalists and winners.


Save the date – Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, 9th October via the Awards website and Facebook page.  The finalists will be contacted individually by Awards Founder and Manager, Cathy Beer of Pets4Life.

Save the date – Winners will be announced via a Facebook Live broadcasting Event on Friday, 12th October at 2 pm – 3 pm.  The winners will be contacted individually by Awards Founder and Manager, Cathy Beer of Pets4Life.

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