Advocate® People's Rescue Story Entries

Sponsored by Bayer, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award celebrates pet adoption.  This special award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  WIN a pack of ‘pawsome’ prizes for your pet – and for your favourite rescue group, animal shelter or Council animal shelter/pound.  Check out the entries below! You can search by pet’s name and by – cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig and other animals.

Entries have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  Good Luck! 



Tikiri (Sri Lanka)

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Dingo was the adorable stray puppy that I found on the side of the road in Sri Lanka . Sadly he was hit by a car. When my mother and I rescued him he made our lives better and more exiting everyday. He was suddenly the centre of attention.
Dingo's leg however was in a bad condition when I found him.
We took Dingo to the vet to show his leg. The vet said Dingo’s leg has been broken and had been healed by itself. He said it would be hard to straighten it without the option of operating and putting it back to its right place. But that would mean he would have to go through pain again. We didn’t want that to happen.
Dingo was a very cheeky, cute, but an innocent puppy. Dingo was given to Tikiri stray dog rescue foundation when my family had to come to Australia. Tikiri foundation gave Dingo to a good family afterwards.
Although it was sad leaving Dingo behind, I am so happy my mum rescued Dingo. to give him a chance to live a happy life he deserves. Rescuing Dingo was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

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