Advocate® People's Rescue Story Entries

Sponsored by Bayer, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award celebrates pet adoption.  This special award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  WIN a pack of ‘pawsome’ prizes for your pet – and for your favourite rescue group, animal shelter or Council animal shelter/pound.  Check out the entries below! You can search by pet’s name and by – cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig and other animals.

Entries have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  Good Luck! 



Dunroamin Pet Rescue

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Did I rescue Lilly? No! SHE rescued me from the infamous black dog howling after my husband’s death. Her white-tip tail curled coquettishly sideways on her bum, she gets me out of bed every morning. Ears erect, she twists, and turns, and twirls, and stands, meerkat-like, to motivate me. Am I taking too long? She fetches her toys and tosses them invitingly. For me, once a recluse, walking is now a passion. We choose streets where trees invite leisurely wee-stops, and foraging for mysterious enticing scents. We know where dwell the nicest people who smile, chat and pat. And we end in parks where she runs to her heart’s content - and mine - as she chases God knows what, stretching joyously her smooth caramel body and dashing back, ears flattened, eyes smiling, anticipating a treat. She loves a sprawl in the sunshine, paws upwards. We love driving, windows down, she enjoying the wind, I freezing to death. Her first months with me were horrendous: I nursed her through a severe fungal infection requiring painful treatment, causing endless worries, plus costing a fortune. But my treasured Lilly, she of basenji/fox lineage, to me she is priceless! I simply love HER!

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