Advocate® People's Rescue Story Entries

Sponsored by Bayer, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award celebrates pet adoption.  This special award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  WIN a pack of ‘pawsome’ prizes for your pet – and for your favourite rescue group, animal shelter or Council animal shelter/pound.  Check out the entries below! You can search by pet’s name and by – cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig and other animals.

Entries have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  Good Luck! 



RSPCA at Coffs Harbour

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Hello to all Humans, my name is Digby and I am an 8 month old Pugzu boy. Thats the posh name for a Shi Tzu x Pug. My new mummy found me on the RSPCA website in Coffs Harbour. She had fallen instantly in love with me “I was so cute & irresistible” so with help from the lovely ladies at the RSPCA and Jetpets mummy had me flown to Sydney. When i saw her i just ran around in circles i was so excited I nearly wet myself. I’m a bit naughty most days, I steal things out of the bowl on mummy’s coffee table and chew them and I rip all the teddy bears up. My favourite is digging all the plants out of mummy’s pots because then she tries to distract me with a chew bone. But in a few weeks I’m starting training as a “Service Dog” for my mummy so i am going to try and be really really good for her. BUT the bestest thing I love is my new Cooooool big brother Buddy, who’s 9. He is unwell sometimes with his cancer but he still plays with me all day. He’s absolutely Brill.

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