Advocate® People's Rescue Story Entries

Sponsored by Bayer, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award celebrates pet adoption.  This special award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  WIN a pack of ‘pawsome’ prizes for your pet – and for your favourite rescue group, animal shelter or Council animal shelter/pound.  Check out the entries below! You can search by pet’s name and by – cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig and other animals.

Entries have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  Good Luck! 



Lort Smith Animal Hospital

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“Come with me to the adoption centre,” my partner said. “Just for a look,” she promised.
And that’s where we first saw Bibi – a 9 year old Japanese Chin with a silky coat and a lively personality.
He was absolutely adorable and so excited to see us. His plumed tail looked like it was going to fall off if he wagged it any faster and within seconds Bibi was fetching his soft toys and playing tug-of-war with us, like a little energizer puppy.
I don’t think Bibi has changed since he’s been with us. He’s always been a loving, affectionate and well behaved little guy and he’s brought his sparkling personality into our home and changed our lives for the better and forever.
I don’t think we’ve had so much fun or laughed so much and I can’t even remember what life was like before Bibi came along. Bibi thanks us every day with tail wags, cuddles and if we’re super lucky, a nose lick! We love him to bits!
There’s something very special and rewarding about adopting a pet and I’d highly recommend it. It’s life changing and highly beneficial for both the owner and the pet.

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