Our beautiful girl, Zoe. What can I say other than she has been the sunshine in our lives for the past 10 years. She came to us as a puppy who had been rejected by her first family (not her fault as the child in the family had some issues and was mistreating Zoe so the parents decided it wasn't going to work out). I will always remember the day I found her on the internet. The fostering family had uploaded a video of her. She was so tiny, so cute and running along chasing the camera. I knew straight away we had to have her. Two days later she was delivered to our home. I remember her being lifted out of the car onto our driveway and thinking how tiny she was. Well Zoe is now completely part of our family. She is showered with love and kisses every day. Everyone that meets her wants to keep her. She is super smart, very entertaining and so loyal, that I truly believe that she knows she was rescued. Zoe is the most beautiful pet any family could wish for. We will love her forever xx

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