This is Dozer we saved him from a puppy farm , the poor boy was very skinny and his coat was dull and looked sick . So when had chance to save him we jumped in., just new he would end up in dog fighting group as of his potential size .
Soon as he took him he looked at me and felt he saying Thank you .
So here we are 8months later he’s full of beans and a healthy weight.
He gets anxiety still and can’t bear being locked up but every day he brings love and laughter into our lives . Our Lad has Autism and they are best buds , always together even when our Lad gets wobbly. Beautiful to watch unconditionally love and respect they have for each other . Therapeutically it’s a god send as Dozer has the ability to calm Tyson when other ways fail .
To save Dozer from the horror he started with to now is Pawsome to be a part of .

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