Zeus, more affectionately named as Goose, came into our life in March 2021 when we bought our first home. Zeus joins Jake, our previous foster puppy, and the two of them are partners in crime, besties for life, and inseparable. When we first got Zeus, he was very anxious, and required constant companionship (he was also quite scared of men). In the past year and a half, Zeus has relaxed so much and even though he still loves us to be around all the time, he is much more settled and not nearly as scared of men, or in general. He learns quickly, and always does what we ask! Zeus has such a sweet nature (encapsulated perfectly by his love heart nose) and has enriched the lives of us, and Jake, so much. We even built a $7000 fence to keep him safely in the yard when he kept jumping out of the yard! My partner and I always say that Jake is so much like him, and Zeus so much like me, and I wouldn't change either of them for the world. Rescuing these two beautiful pups has made our lives immeasurably better.

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