Walking along the beach one day I met a lady and her dog Zeus, a long haired German Shepherd. As we chattered whilst admiring her gorgeous dog she explained, sadly, that he may need to be rehomed due to her extreme work loads which were having detrimental effects as a sense of abandonment to Zeus; in fact he needed anxiety medication.
Having been an owner twice of German Shepherds, one from a pup and the other a 5 yr old rescue from RSPCA I felt deeply for her and offered my home, love and care. I had recently relocated from Qld to Vic and had just purchased my new home with a large backyard in preparation for a rescue dog, and hoped it would be another GS. Over a period of 6-8mths we, the owner, Zeus and I became familiar, sharing homes, frequently walking and playing until eventually the owner felt comfortable that I was the person she could trust to care for her loving 4 yr Zeus. Now registered under my name. we all have become very good friends and Zeus has a 2nd home if I need a break and he no longer requires any medications, just ballplay!

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