I placed a click and collect order to pet stock in Balcatta just for dog food for my Rescue Husky Casper. I brought Casper with me to pick up the order. We entered the store and walked down to the cat space where Zeus was perched snuggly in his cave. He saw us and immediately popped out with a little Meow to say hello. He rubbed up against my Husky and my Husky did the same. I knew right away he had to come home with us and lucky for us he did. He met my other cat Bailey, they took a while to warm but are now best buddies. They play often. He gets on like a house on fire with Casper as well as my adopted kitten Donnie whom Zeus has now taken it upon himself to father. It’s heart warming and a joy to watch. The change in Zeus has been dramatic as he is also a sensitive FIV boy. He is the absolute snuggle bug and glue of the household. He’s definitely brought our family together, oh and there’s also my 6 year old daughter who he adores. It’s a big household but Zeus loves it.

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