We didn’t know a lot about Zahli’s background, we knew she was around 1 yrs old and came from a domestic violence case that was dumped in a rural pound.

She was very submissive to other dogs and rather aloof to humans. She was happy lying on the floor at a distance and constantly rolled over and licked our other dog in submission.

I’ve had her for 7 months now and she has completely transformed. She’s OBSESSED with me and when ever she lies down she always has to be touching me or cuddling me. She rough plays with our other dog (Otto) and certainly gives it back to him now.

She has completely bonded with me and when we visit the vets they always comment how trusting she is of me and how she only lets me hold her face.

I couldn’t imagine a world without her and neither could my dog Otto. They sleep next to eachother every night now and if I let her she’d be in my bed curled up next to me.

Dogs have a profound effect on your mental health and I can whole heartedly say I am a happier person because of her.

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