Yella, a 2 year old very exuberant, charasmatic Labrador, was rescued from an RSPCA shelter by the Quarantine Detector Dog Program and was teamed with me as my detector dog and work partner. He was surrended to the RSPCA after being found dumped and wondering the streets. He had severe skin conditions, broken teeth and was in poor condition. After being rescued he thrived and absolutely loved his job working as my partner in many internation cargo importation areas intercepting items of Biosecurity concern. He was an exceptionally talented partner and intercepted thousands of items keeping Australia safe from pests and disease. Upon Yella's retirement from duty at the age of 8 years he came to live with me at home on our 30 acre property where he loved being a farm dog and swimming in the dam. We sadly lost Yella when he was 16 years old. He was the most fun loving, affecinate dog and I was so privledged to have him as my work partner, pet and family member.

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