My partner and I had recently lost our two dogs to a tragic incident. One was a staffy, and the other a kelpie. Obviously heartbroken, I felt so helpless losing two of the most important members of our little family and my partner had felt the same. He and his best friend sourced out a rescue from a litter from Lucky Paws who happened to be a cross breed of our two puppies that had passed and had a birthday that loosely resembled a mixture of theirs. When my partner saw Xavier, he had the coat of our staffy and body of our kelpie and instantly fell in love. I honestly thought I wasn’t anywhere near ready when my partner had brought him home and surprised me. But from the moment I met Xavier, it filled this void that our little family was missing and really helped the grieving process to redirect the love I had to offer. Xavier has been in our family for a little over a year and never fails to amuse us with his bright and loving personality! We may have saved him, but he really did save us.

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