Wozza came to Cat Haven as a stray, at the time he was five years old. He had FIV+, dental issues and a food allergy. When we first got him it his behaviour shocked us, it made it clear to us he was definitely outside for a long period of time. He would tear up bags of rubbish, steal human food, walk on counters and he would eat his own food very quickly. It was a challenge for us to tolerate his behaviour and improve on it and luckily it did, he adapted to living in a home. He stopped all the negative behaviours and the teeth and allergy problem were resolved. We had him for over a year and he was grumpiest boy we ever had. He would give little love bites as warning when he didn’t like something. He also helped us with foster kittens which honestly he hated doing because they would interrupt his nap and I would just see his grumpy face staring at me. He went home to a family that have older children, I was told he goes to each room and naps on their beds. I’m so proud of him.

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