Winter has blossomed into a feisty yet timid; aloof yet affectionate “Lady Cake” who still has a water fascination.

She follows me everywhere (and supervises my trips to the bathroom!) Yes, Winter isn’t big on personal space- she takes her space in our bed and CANNOT be budged!

Happy to report Winter loves me (her Mumma) the most; much to the disgust of my 20 year old twins… My son especially tries to steal her away for a cuddle but 2 shakes of tail and she returns to my lap 🙂

Winter has fully filled a ‘cat shaped hole in my heart’ after the passing of my feline daughter Ruby who peacefully passed away on the couch just before her 20th birthday.

Winter has also put a pep in the step of our aged spoodle; Papuchi. They play, tussle and occasionally share the beanbag. They are very sweet together and they both seem to love having another 4 legged friend in the family.

Winter also helps me in working from home- especially when she steps in my keyboard and looses my work!!

Pets are the best. We share love, laughter and companionship with Winter. She is our gorgeous girl.

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