I was assisting a surrender request who had rescued 2 rabbits from under a car on a hot summers day. The female had given birth to 3 babies. When they sent me photos I could see that the runt was weak and wasn’t going to make it. I traveled 3 hours at midnight on a Monday to pick up the 3 babies, mum and dad. I fed the runt off mums belly before I left and drove home with the baby runt down my shirt to warm him up. To this day I am still shocked he made it. All 3 babies were very sick for the first 6 weeks of their life. They required various vet trips, ongoing medication and fluids injected into them. Unfortunately one of the babies didn’t make it, passing at 5 weeks of age. This really impacted me and although she lived a life too short, she lived a quality life. Winter, E’scar, Snowy, Stormy and Cloudy changed our life for the better. They bring us so much joy and happiness and I’m glad I could save their life and they get to live the life they deserve.

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