Winston had been taken to a vet to be euthanised when his heart murmur was detected. He was 10 weeks old. Fortunately Perth Rescue Angels stepped in and he was taken into care immediately. 
I took him on as a forever foster. Tests revealed a severe mitral valve defect, his cardiologist said he’d be lucky to live for six months. He’s just turned 2 and my family recently decided to adopt him as surprise for me.
Winston’s favourite thing in the world is looking after his babies, the orphan kittens I hand raise for PRA, until they’re ready for adoption. We affectionately call them his Winions. 
He adores the foster kittens and spends time grooming them, playing with them, and teaching them how to cat. He’s absolutely the best foster cat dad.
Winston is the perfect mix of loving, cheeky, chatty, funny and sassy. He can hear my car coming from down the street and tells everyone I’m home. He greets me at the door like you’d expect a dog to. 
Add to that the care and love he has for his foster babies, he truly is something special.

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