In 2011 I lost my beloved Great Dane to bloat. 2 days later I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I went through 5 months of treatment without a best friend, that was tough. When I finally finished treatment I visited the Wacol shelter determined to find a new best friend. Willow had just been brought out from the back. She was scared and underweight, but when I called her name her tail started banging on the floor. I knew she was the one. I had her professionally trained as she would not leave the yard and was so scared of everything except my bed! Willow has been totally transformed from this scared dog with absolutely no confidence to this happy smoochy loveable dog that I totally adore and I know she also adores me. I am not sure why I had to go through such tragic circumstances to find willow, but sometimes stuff just happens. Thank you to the person who never wanted to love willow like I do. I am blessed to have her and blessed to still be here.

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