I rescued Willow off the streets after she spent weeks fighting for survival after being dumped. As soon as she came home to me, she trusted me even though she didnt know me. The rabbit sanctuary soon accepted her as a surrender. She was my first foster and had made a huge impact on my life. Despite all of her misfortunes, she started honking, circling me, cuddling me and giving so much love. I would spend hours lying in her pen and she would soothe any anxiety or stress I had for the day. I never understood how a rabbit could be a “support animal” as they are often not cuddly and dislike being held. Willow proved me wrong. Coincidentally the same day I told the sanctuary I think this rabbit has a gift and would make a great support animal, an extremely loving family contacted them stating they were looking for a support bunny.. Saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing; but to see how happy and loved she is in her new home is why I continue to foster.

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