After losing our 16 year old fur baby in 2017, we decided late 2018 that we were ready to adopt again. We researched many dogs when we came across 9 week old Snuffy. She was gorgeous and we fell in love straight away. We arranged to meet Snuffy and it was love at first sight. When we got her home we all agreed Snuffy didn’t really suit her so we changed her name to Willow…she’s all legs and willowy. She fit in with our family straight away and has won everyone’s heart when they meet her. She is now 8 months old and we swear she is human. She understands everything we say. She is so happy when we get home that she has a big smile on her face and the tail is wagging so much that one day she dented a can of soft drink and she knocks things off tables.
We thought it would be hard to love another dog after Zach but we realised our hearts are big enough to love another fur baby.

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