Willow has shown us a love that we have not seen before with any of our animals. She is always by our side even when going to the toilet. As soon as I go to sit on the couch at night she knows and she will fly out from the bedroom and leap onto the couch to sit on my lap. She will lay there for hours as long as she is being patted. She is such an affectionate dog to all of our humans and her dog brother and our new kitten. She knows if we are aren’t feeling the best and will just be by our side as a comfort. The puppy side of her has come out since our newest addition and it is so wonderful to see that happy playful and full of beans dog we adopted considering her neglected past. Thankyou for bringing such endless love and laughter to our lives Miss Willow… Thankyou Carmen at RSPCA Pearcedale ❤️❤️

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