I am an animal lover since I can rememeber. When I was in Singapore as a child I would enter the open drains at that time to rescue cats, puppies-dogs, chickens. Ironically I use to smuggle cats on the bus coming home from school as cats-dogs etc were not allowed at the time. A contradiction somewhat where the locals were allowed to carry on board chickens/ducks hanging by their legs.

I was also the flag bearer for the Animal Lover's League and would stand outside buildings or banks in Singapore each week-end with a collection tin. To date at 77 I am still active to rescuing abandoned pets or wildlife left in the bush thanks to Willow my 16 year Belgian Shepperd. I would bring them home & call either the Wildlife Volunteers, S.A.F.E., The R.S.P.C.A & many others including Dr. Lila Whitmore to collect these domestic pets for medical attention to be re-homed.

I have known Lila since 2011. Since middle of last year I stopped work as a volunteer cleaning kennels, cattery & yards picking up feces. You might say by the end of day: "I'm full of shit". Pardon the pun. Dog Bless. Jan

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