William was 6 months old and had lived all his life at the pound. We already had two older cats who had a comfortable life like ours but that was all about to change. William was full of confidence unfazed by the new world he'd come to and very naughty. Not in the least intimidated he claimed everything that was going, food vanished from benches, he shirt fronted the other cats sizing up for dominance, learning very fast how to get what he wanted. Leaping up walls to catch the geckos, chasing spiders across floors, always active, he was a true force of nature and we wondered sometimes about our decision to bring him home. Two years later he cuddles up with the other cats on cold days and he has changed our lives with the power of his indomitable quirky personality. We love his intelligence, the way he patrols the house at night checking for geckos and cries like a baby to be let in the linen cupboard when the lawn mower man arrives. He loves boxes, feathers, ping pong balls and killing the bath towel. He fills our house with laughter and we love him to bits.

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