4.5 years ago we adopted the most adorable short haired and very shy little puppy through Sandra from Camp Dogs. His name then was Gizmo and he travelled all the way from the Northern Territory to Sydney. It only took a few days off having him home with us to realise that he wasnt very shy at all. His name is now Whiskey, due to his brindle coat and well basically he is as Bitza as it gets. He is very intelligent and such a smoocher. He loves a cuddle and is such an angel especially for attention! Everyone always asks what kind of dog he is and we still have friends who argue over what they think he is. He is our furbaby, and he the best thing that ever happened to us, and he knows it. He has probably owned about 400 toys in his life so far, he likes to disect them and hide the fluff. He would eat his body weight in food if we allowed him and will literally beg for cheese! Hes trained to do many tricks, favourites are 'whisper' and 'bop' (he nose bops balloons).
His instagram _whiskeyfriskymartin proves how loved he is.

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