Adopting Whiskey began at my friend Matt's house, one day she was at his door step! He couldn't keep her due to personal reasons and the moment Brad and I met her we fell in love! So we began the process of making her ours! Originally coming from an hour away and being 11 years old we are so glad she picked us to stay with.
We could feel her spine, her coat was a bit matted and she was desperate for food and love. We would feed her a can and she would meow as if she hadn't just finished a can!
Now she has beautiful soft furr. She sleeps on our chests every night, frequently with her head resting on our chins! Knows exactly where the food is at all times and has also completely won our hearts! She has changed our lives to be more caring and loving!
We love her and she loves us, she brings us happiness every day!
Winning this price would allow us to keep proving to her that we love her so much, with daily treats and toys to play with her!

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