After a long period of searching and (many) unsuccessful applications we found our perfect boy. Watson was a ''covid puppy'' and adopted out when his owners discovered he had entropion and a large overbite. Watson was 4.5 months old when he joined his forever family. We feel so lucky and immensely grateful to get to be his parents.
Initially when Watson first moved in, he refused to independently get in the car because he was so scared of being abandoned again, after a couple of weeks and building trust, he leaps straight in excited to go on adventures with. He is the cuddliest goofy goober on earth.
Watson has changed our life and brought immense joy into our home. I had been checking pet rescue every day for a year for our perfect match when one day I saw a melancholy looking baby on gumtree looking for a new home and new that he was meant to be with us. His human dad is also lanky with an overbite and a goofy personality and people often say how they resemble each other like as if he is our actual son.
Instagram – @watson.the.weimaraner for more pictures & videos.

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