Wally has had many homes and has struggled with his weight since before we adopted him. Wally was put up for adoption through Pug Patrol Rescue Australia, at which point he weighed in at 21.2kg! When we first met Wally he had lost ~ 7kg with the help of his lovely foster family. Wally was quite reserved and scared during our first encounter but when he stared into my eyes that day I knew, he was meant to be a part of our family. Since we first adopted Wally we have noticed a change in his charisma. Today, Wally barks in excitement to go on his walks, he greats visitors with a tail wag and a dance, and he has a new found confidence to take on 'the mysterious thing making those unfamiliar noises'. His weight loss journey continued in our care and today he weighs a healthy 13kg. Wally has changed our lives for the better, comforting us when we are sad, making us laugh with his little smile, and keeping us accountable for our daily walks. We could not imagine our lives without him.

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