Vixen is an amazing girl. She had a very hard start to life. Vixen was being used to breed puppies in a caged puppy farm. When we adopted her at 6 years old, the sores on her elbows were still bleeding from being forced to sleep in a cramped, concrete floored (with no bed) cage. Her tail had been broken in three spots & hadn’t healed properly over time so there’s three bumps in her tail. She has cigarette burn scars on her rump & her front teeth are all broken from her bitting the cage while she was chained to the front of the cage while a male breed with her. It took Vixen roughly six months to be able to walk on linoleum in the house as she would freeze with fright as she wasn’t used to the sound her claws would make on the floor. She didn’t know how to play with toys as she had never had any before. Now, we couldn’t imagine our life’s without her. We love coming home to her smiling face & her wagging bum.

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