I met Vinnie in Terrigal at his foster carer's home in 2018.
He had been rescued from the Dubbo pound as a 2 year old months earlier and had been unsuccessful in adapting to previous adoptee's homes and lifestyles. Quite adverse to males and other dogs it took a full 30 minutes until he felt calm enough to come within patting distance of me. As someone who had never had a companion pet before, looking back, I'm not too sure why this behaviour didn't turn me off and make me re-consider – 'perhaps a more timid, easy-going pooch would suit'. There was something about his demeanor and behaviour that I could relate to. After the first 30 boisterous and fearful minutes we took a long walk together and started vibing.
Since then we've shared tents, mountain tops, car trips, beach runs, swims, hammock cuddles and a peaceful home life. Vinnie has since made multiple dog and human friends. He has proved to be a very affectionate and calm dog when happy and his stumpy-tail (which I at first thought incapable of wagging) vigorously thumps side to side at a furious rate these days.

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