I have 2 Autistic kids, and we visited RSPCA to see of we could find a pet that fit our family as we ha just separated from their father. It was so busy and looked like all the dogs had been adopted, my kids were devastated. Then a volunteer approached us and said they had Boxer who was struggling for a home as she had some food aggression and couldn’t be with other animals. She was rescued from a puppy farm, and had recently had a litter. We spent an hour in the cages and there is no doubt she chose us. She played with the kids and was all over them instantly and I have never seen my youngest light up the way he did. That was it. She was ours. She chose us to be her family. We’ve had her for 3 years now and she senses meltdowns and will encourage them to pat her to help redirect and calm them. They call her their 4 paw mum. She’s my sidekick, can’t imagine life without her.

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