I have wanted to adopt a cat for years but the timing was never right with travel or my busy lifestyle. Early 2021 I moved into an apartment by myself and needed company. I wanted an adult cat that I was giving a second life to, someone who needed it. When I met this adorable, sweet black adult cat sitting quietly scared in the corner of her room, I knew she was mine.

She took a while to adjust. At first I couldn't stand in the same room as her, I had to sit or lay on the ground before she would approach me. She spent days hiding behind my TV staring at me. Every day I would sit and wait for her to come out and eventually she got the courage and built trust.

Fast forward 6 months and you wouldn't know it's the same cat. Venus comes bolting into my bedroom for morning zoomies and cuddles everyday. We've watched "Younger" together on Netflix and we're both Team Josh.

She's helped my mental health and shown me gratitude in a time of uncertainty. I can't imagine my life without her.

The photos are from when we met to now.

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