Varl was my FIRST foster cat – he wasn't even with me that long. I have my own dog which is getting old and grumpy and he tolerated Varl at the start. Then one night after moving in my sleep one too many times, Varl decided the bed was moving too much and I woke up to my dog and Varl together in his bed. My dog doesn't 'like' cats but he liked Varl. When I had to let Varl go to a pet shop so he could be adopted all I wanted was to adopt him myself but the vet nurse scolded me and said I needed to be a good foster carer and stay a carer. I love that foster caring can be such a bonding experience for all involved, not just me but my dog too. I believe we help each other and even though I was sad when we parted ways, I know we were all enriched by the experience. I hope Varl is happy wherever he is now, I'll never forget how he made me feel.

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